Original Spray

Original Pain Relieving Spray

Dermoplast┬« spray is an anesthetic pain & itch relieving spray that offers a "no-touch" application to the skin and makes it easy to get hard to reach areas. Containing aloe and lanolin, the product moisturizes the skin aiding in healing process. Hospital Strength Dermoplast® Pain Relieving Spray contains the maximum OTC strength allowed of the pain-relieving ingredient Benzocaine.

Hospital Strength Dermoplast® Pain Relieving Spray is mentholated and provides soothing and refreshing relief from the pain and itching of scrapes, sunburn, insect bites, minor cuts and burns.

If your Doctor, Nurse, or Midwife has recommended using Dermoplast® sprays for post-childbirth pain and discomfort, please follow their directions closely.

Dermoplast contains benzocaine which temporarily relieves pain and itch associated with minor skin irritations. Dermoplast, when used as directed, provides safe, effective, and fast temporary relief of pain & itch associated with scrapes & cuts, bites and blisters and sunburns and minor burns.

*Note regarding responsible and safe use of benzocaine containing products:
Prestige Brands is committed to sharing and reinforcing appropriate product usage information to ensure the responsible and safe use of over the counter products. Recently the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) communicated a rare adverse effect in certain over-the-counter consumer products containing benzocaine. Specifically, the FDA recommended that caregivers of children under the age of two years old should consult their physician or healthcare professional before giving products containing benzocaine. We are working with the FDA to determine appropriate actions, but continue to advise consumers seeking further information regarding use of benzocaine to consult their health care provider.