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We Had Your Back In the Beginning…And We Still Do Today

It’s simple: we’re here to provide sweet relief. From your very first moments of being a mom to the first time they fall off their bike, we’re here to make things less painful. We’ve been there for moms, physicians, and anyone else who needs soothing relief for over 50 years. So yeah, we’ve been providing relief for that long. And we’ve been trusted that long because you can count on us to deliver the sweet relief you’re looking for. And we’re not stopping anytime soon.
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What’s It For Anyway?

The Dermoplast formula includes the active ingredient benzocaine that’s pretty much made to offer cooling relief wherever and whenever you need it–whether it’s a bad sunburn, a mosquito bite, a minor scrape, or burning and itching in your most vulnerable areas (you know what we’re talking about mamas). We’re the ‘ahh yes’ you say when you spray that Blue Can. Welcome to the world of “no-touch” immediate relief y’all–because you don’t have time for anything less.

Hospital Trusted for Over 50 Years

Dermoplast products have been trusted by physicians and mothers for more than 50 years.
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Making it easier than ever to make sure you’re prepared for life’s minor emergencies.
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"A great spray that I have been using for over 46 yrs. Heals fast"