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For Your Most Vulnerable Moments

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If you were introduced to Dermoplast® Pain, Burn & Itch Spray in the hospital, you know relief is within reach. For 50+ years, the "no-touch" spray has provided soothing and cooling relief to the most tender areas.

Plus, it’s safe for kids 2 and up so you can continue using it for sunburn, insect bites, and more long after those tough post-hospital days are over. Learn more about how it can help your family.

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Dermoplast® Postpartum Spray

As a new mom, you don’t have time for pain, burning, and itching down there, With Dermoplast Postpartum Spray, immediate cooling, soothing relief is within reach.

Designed with maximum strength pain relief and “no-touch” spray application, we’ve been providing soothing relief to tender areas for over 50 years. We’ve been trusted by doctors for that long too. We’re safe, we’re effective, and we’re your solution for discomfort–from hospital to home.

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All Kinds of Relief for the Whole Fam

Not so fast! Don’t throw away that Blue Can after you’re healed! You can pull it out when you or your family member ends up with a painful sunburn, gets a super itchy bug bite, or takes a tumble while hiking (or just walking, we don’t judge here).

Basically, this is a first aid must-have. You can keep on using the Blue Can long after you think you’re done with us.

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